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Decra Villa Tile

Decra Villa Tile: Luxury Roofing Reimagined by Ryan Roofing

At Ryan Roofing, we understand that your roof is more than just a protective layer; it's an integral part of your home's aesthetics and value. For those seeking a luxurious and innovative roofing solution, Decra Villa Tile offers unparalleled beauty and performance.

Decra Villa Tile: A Fusion of Beauty and Strength

Decra Villa Tile is a premium stone-coated steel roofing system that seamlessly blends the elegance of traditional tile with the unparalleled durability of modern materials.

Here's what sets Decra Villa Tile apart:

  • Uncompromising Durability:

    Engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions, Decra Villa Tile boasts superior resistance to hail, wind, and fire.

  • Lightweight Design:

    Unlike traditional tiles, Decra Villa Tile is significantly lighter, reducing stress on your roof structure and making it suitable for various architectural styles.

  • Low Maintenance:

    Say goodbye to constant upkeep. Decra Villa Tile requires minimal maintenance, offering long-lasting beauty without the hassle.

  • Unparalleled Beauty:

    Available in various captivating colors like Venetian Gold, Decra Villa Tile complements any architectural style, adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

Case Study

Navigating Roof Replacement and Insurance Challenges in a Secluded Golf Community with Ryan Roofing


A Mediterranean-style home faced significant roofing challenges following a hail storm in the serene setting of a secluded neighborhood known for its pristine golf course. This case highlights Ryan Roofing's adept handling of complex insurance claims and its strategic approach to upgrading the roofing material from traditional tile to the innovative Decra villa tile.

Challenges of Installation:

The homeowner was initially confronted with a disheartening decision from their insurance provider, which only agreed to replace 25 pieces of tile—far less than required to restore the roof to its complete integrity. This is a common issue in upscale residential areas where the true extent of damage can be underestimated by insurance assessments, particularly with specialized roofing like Mediterranean tile.

Ryan Roofing’s Expert Intervention:

Ryan Roofing, experienced in dealing with intricate insurance negotiations, particularly in luxury homes, intervened on behalf of the homeowner. Their team meticulously demonstrated the widespread damage and the complexities involved in tile roofing systems. By detailing the proper installation techniques and the risks of partial repairs, they successfully persuaded the insurance company to authorize a complete roof replacement, a crucial step in preserving the home’s value and appearance.

Choosing Decra Villa Tile:

Despite the approval for traditional tile replacement, the homeowner preferred a more sustainable and structurally sound option. Decra villa tile, chosen in Venetian Gold, became the alternative. This selection was ideal for maintaining the aesthetic of the Mediterranean architecture while reducing the roof's weight load. Decra's stone-coated steel tiles offer longevity, durability, and a lightweight design, perfect for ensuring structural safety without compromising style.

Location Benefits:

The home’s location in a secluded neighborhood with an exceptional golf course adds value to the property. Homes in such prestigious environments must maintain their roof impeccably for aesthetic and functional integrity. The lightweight Decra villa tile is particularly suited for settings where appearance and property value are paramount.


Ryan Roofing's successful navigation of the insurance process and the strategic roofing material upgrade for this Mediterranean-style home exemplify their expertise in both practical and aesthetic aspects of roofing. The transition to Decra villa tile in Venetian Gold addressed the structural needs. It aligned perfectly with the home's luxurious setting, proving that functional upgrades can seamlessly enhance the beauty and resilience of upscale properties.

Why Choose Ryan Roofing for Your Decra Villa Tile Installation in West Texas?

Ryan Roofing is your trusted partner for exceptional Decra Villa Tile installations in West Texas. We offer:

  • Expert Installation:

    Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling the intricacies of Decra Villa Tile installations, ensuring a flawless finish.

  • Unwavering Commitment

    We prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the process, providing clear communication and exceptional service.

  • Local Expertise:

    We understand the unique roofing needs of West Texas and can tailor solutions to your specific requirements.

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